The Fast Pace of Heads Up Texas Hold 'Em

Because heads-up Texas Hold 'Em involves only two players, the pace is quicker and the stakes are higher. When playing this variation of the game, it's important to think fast, outwit your opponent, and be ready to raise and place larger bets. The ability to focus on your opponent, your hand, and the odds at the same time are the keys to success.

Button Raise

The position often referred to as the "button" is the best place to be in during heads-up poker, since it offers you the opportunity to be aggressive. Whenever you are on the button, take the initiative. Raise your opponent's bet, even if you have a poor hand. This will transfer the more difficult decision to your opponent.

Don't Wait for the Ideal Hand

Because the pace of this game is faster, there won't be a lot of time to compile the ideal hand. Instead, you'll need to rethink your strategy, which means that you will often have to play hands that you might otherwise consider to be mediocre, and which you would rarely play in a regular poker game. You should not see this is a weakness, however, since your opponent will be doing the same thing.

Finally, it is imperative that you play close attention to your opponent in heads-up poker. The biggest successes of the game might arise form your ability to call your opponent's bluff. This can be difficult when the pace of the game is increased, but with practice you should be able to multi-task more efficiently during play.