Stop Sucking at Online Poker

It sucks when you lose to your friends in a 'friendly' poker match alongside a few bucks. Things go smooth for a few days until you up to the whole poker experience by going online and decide to play against real foes for major money. And do you know how things are after that online poker match? It sucks even more now after you have lost a lot of money!

Like 90% of online poker players, you are following the same mistake patterns and laming your luck for all reasons. Here you need to know that small tinge of rules and principles are capable to enhance your online poker experience.

So here is what you are supposed to do. Start Small, Think Big;

Start your online poker game with fewer hands but aim for something big. There is a big room for you to get a good hand because of 173 possibilities. If you are lucky enough, you can end up with superior hands like.

AA, KK, QQ, JJ and AK and it would be wise to play these hands if you think there is no raise ahead of you. In some situations, if there is a raise ahead of you then don't go below an Ace or a King. There are few hands bonuses that are worth playing but it all depends upon the fact of how you play and plan your hands.

If other players have been shy or for whatever reason, no one has initiated with a pot, then you can play with any hand you want. The core point is if someone has raised before / ahead of you then focus on minimizing your hands for maximum benefits.

With the passage of time, your skills will improve but being a new player, always go for 10 to 15 hands and that's all you need.